v1.047 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • New unit: The Disruptor Cannon, unlocks at 60 kills (same number of kills as the Battleship) and is a long range super artillery unit. The Disruptor does more damage to targets further away. It also has the Heated Round ability which allows a single bullet to shoot through several targets. Its range is equivalent to the distance between team blue and team red command centers (map-dependent) and it cannot damage Command Centers. 
  • High performance mode now available by playing the game at stba.io/?high_performance=true. High performance mode will disable many performance-taxing cosmetic features, such as lights, flashes, burners, clouds, smoke, etc.  
  • Canvas rendering mode now shows unit shadows (access canvas rendering mode via stba.io/?rendering=canvas).
  • Now if you destroy a unit not in camera, the +XP text will display above your unit.
  • Redid the score screen to show player kills and removed unimportant stats. 
  • Ion Cannon now does 50% less damage to the Command Center.
  • Demolisher base damage increased from 200 to 240; range increased from 600 to 700.
  • Manta base damage increased from 110 to 120.
  • You can now get your current FPS and average FPS by typing in "get fps" in the chat while in a game. 
  • A dialog box with performance tips now appears if your average FPS is below a certain threshold. 


  • Fixed buildings sometimes being invisible when you first join a game already in session.
  • Should be easier to get losses now.
  • Explosion sound should now play if the camera is following a long range bullet.


I don't like the Disruptor Cannon. A stationary javelin that can only damage units LATEGAME. Only use is attacking players and cover buildings, and barely requires and uses skill. Even a Roller needs better tactics in all honesty. Hopefully something gets done with it.