v1.045 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • You can now record career stats and earn rank by playing with a free registered account
  • Added leaderboard so players can compete for the highest # of kills, player kills, MVP, etc. 
  • New map rotation: Eight Island, Dunescape, Sandy Straight, Enclave, Mountain Pass and Four Beaches. 
  • Healthbars are now team-colored (i.e. blue or red) to make it easier to distinguish friend from foe.


  • Made significant performance improvements by not creating sprites for explosions and effects that happen outside the camera. 
  • Fixed the manta scale looking off. 
  • End game screen is not 30 seconds instead of 20, to give you time to read end game stats as well as player career stats.
  • Increased font size of hero unit text as well as health bar length and position.
  • Changed server max to 40 (instead of 50) for better performance. 
  • Hero kills no longer count as normal kills. Instead, the only count as PKs.
  • When a team's supply is depleted, it now says the color of the team instead of the number.