v1.037 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • The map rotation will now change more frequently and the home screen background screen will change to indicate a change of map rotation. In addition, you can see thumbnails of all maps by following the link at the bottom of the “Today’s Map Rotation” box.
  • Peregrine machine gun bonus damage to aircraft 40 instead of 20. 
  • Scout sentry build time reduced to 5 sec. instead of 10. 
  • Scout sentry (Harpy ability) now hotkeyed to 2. 
  • Javelin Heated Round ability now on a 15 second cooldown instead of 30. 
  • Ion Cannon health reduced by 10%.
  • Ion Cannon shockwave does 600 instead of 700 damage.
  • Max game time now 900 seconds instead of 800 and players should receive a message 20 seconds before. 


  • Might have fixed black health bar bug.
  • Fixed bug where you were getting double kills for killing a single unit. 
  • Fixed battleship guns twitching. 
  • Fixed Battleship sound not being loud enough on spawn. 
  • Fixed dead units getting healed.
  • Camera now properly follows person who destroyed Command Center.
  • The hovering droid will no longer be targeted by AI.
  • End game graph now properly shows computer names instead of undefined. 

Updates 10/15/17

  • Servers now fill up in such a way that it will be easier to find full 10-person games.
  • Server capacity set to 50 instead of 60.
  • Hovering over icons while shooting no longer stops shooting.
  • Made icons bigger.
  • Fixed Harpy scout ability icon not appearing.
  • Slight performance improvement.
  • Fixed Oasis map not having water (not much of an oasis).
  • Fixed Mountain Pass map having the wrong ground textures.


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