v1.035 patch notes

Coming soon: new daily map rotations, account stats and ranking, clans and new units. 

Features & Gameplay

  • New Harpy ability: spawn scout sentries: "flying units which follow you into combat and rapidly fire explosive lasers at enemies." The Harpy can spawn 1 scout sentry per level. Example: A level 10 Harpy can spawn 10 scout sentries. Watch a video clip of scout sentries in action here
  • You can now taunt by pressing the "T" key. Your unit will play a little animation and sound (every unit has a unique sound, except the Roller which doesn't have one yet).
  • Battleship damage increase per level is now 1.5% instead of 3%; base health reduced 10%; gun firing speed increases 5% per level instead of 10%. 
  • Silencer blast radius increased from 50 to 65 and Demolisher from 50 to 75 - these units will be much easier to aim. 
  • AI units already targeting a stealth unit when the unit goes stealth will no longer be targeting upon stealth activation.
  • Demolisher health reduced by ~13%.
  • Harpy base damage reduced by 10%.
  • Manta base damage increased. 
  • Gladiator kill requirement is 20 instead of 10; Harpy is 20 instead of 15; Demolisher is 20 instead of 30 and Battleship is 60 instead of 50.
  • Ion Cannon damage increased dramatically. 
  • Javelin health increased 15%.
  • Hero on hero unit damage increased. 
  • The Command Center now heals for .5% every 4 seconds. 
  • The healing pad is now visible for both teams (instead of just your team). 
  • Gladiator machine gun bonus to air damage increased from 60 to 70; firing rate on primary weapon slowed down by ~25%. 
  • Now when the Command Center is destroyed, the camera goes to destroyed CC. After a few seconds, the camera goes to the player who destroyed the CC and a message appears with that players name. 
  • Teleport messages now play notification sound.


  • The website is now 100% HTTPS. All servers now use wss (secure websockets) instead of ws which is compatible with HTTPS. Using wss may also result in fewer connection losses as wss data packets are less suspect by firewalls (that's just a theory of mine, it's not a known fact). 
  • Ground unit gun turning to pointer should feel less fidgety and should always turn instantly, regardless of how the unit is moving.
  • Fixed Ion Cannon laser not firing in the right direction. 
  • Fixed incorrect bullet rotations. 
  • Fixed no sound playing when game volume set to max.
  • Fixed DPS in unit tooltips showing half the actual value.
  • Fixed air units sometimes moving slightly when you click something.
  • Changed the appearance of the Ion Cannon blast. 
  • Being killed randomly from an enemy half-way across the map should no longer be possible. 
  • Fixed the Command Center being rebuilt after being destroyed. 
  • Made the chat notification sound louder.
  • Fixed the end game screen graph showing numbers instead of the player names. 
  • Fixed bug which caused hotkey to stop working if your chat was left open before the load screen. 
  • Messages from the server should only stay up for 15 seconds instead of 20. 
  • Fixed Silencer getting XP twice.
  • Game should no longer start prematurely.