v1.03 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • Manta speed increases dramatically with level up (10% per level, not compounded) and initial speed increased; manta base damage reduced from 110 to 95 and health reduced by ~15%.
  • Javelin health increased by ~25% and damage increased ~20%.
  • Manta now turns instantly to the mouse pointer instead of tweening.
  • Increased Harpy damage from 55 to 60 (new ability coming soon).
  • Roller bullet speed increased from 700 to 1200 and base damage increased from 210 to 230.
  • Silencer base damage increased back to 300 from 290 and health increased 20%.
  • Battleship guns now turn instantly towards the pointer.
  • Hero on hero damage cut in half to dramatically increase time to kill.
  • Peregrine base missile damage reduced from 400 to 350.
  • Players can now choose display names without registering.


  • Auto-balance is now working properly.
  • Default sort order is now by kill count on the end game screen.
  • Users who were having the problem of a connection screen forever should no longer have the problem.
  • Fixed logo + load bar not centered vertically on load screen.
  • Min time for chat to disappear is now 15 sec.
  • When a game exceeds the time limit, the server will tell you what that time limit was.
  • Manta no longer points in the wrong direction sometimes.
  • Fixed Manta size looking off.
  • Changed manta description to "Highly maneuverable light fighter which gets increasingly faster as you level up."
  • Fixed droids being easy to kill for free XP.
  • If a player joins a game already in session, the end game screen stats should now be accurate.
  • Game time limit reduced from 900 to 800.
  • Supply counts now more accurate because they are controlled by the server instead of clients.
  • Removed old text “Leveling up increases health, damage or firing rate” from advanced units tooltips.



Now i can just ignore players and destroy their base.
(note: player sync would be nice, played this with shitty internet while ago and health and position are not updated if client does not see it, basicly if you lag and get out of sync your hp may be different and your location on the server than actually in client)

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