v1.025 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • Added a new map called “Lava Beach” to the front of the rotation. 
  • The Peregrine now has the spin ability - "Spin to slightly increase velocity and reduce incoming damage by 30% for 1 second."
  • Improved load times by not causing you to re-download maps you've already played on. 
  • Increased all hero unit health by 20%.
  • Doubled health regeneration bonus for grounded aircraft.
  • Bomber can now hit grounded aircraft.
  • Command Center health increased by ~25%.
  • Removed "Burning Divide" (volcanic map) from the maps rotation. 
  • Added in clouds.
  • Manta base damage reduced from 120 to 110. 
  • Demolisher base damage increased from 175 to 200
  • Added battleship and bunch of other more advanced units to the title screen background.
  • There should now be less lag when the game resumes after "detecting problems with your connection."
  • You now get a notification when someone joins the game.
  • The Harpy no longer has the land ability. 
  • Change the home screen map to "Lava Beach."


  • Fixed not being able to copy+paste the share game room link.
  • Minimum time for chat text to disappear increase from 5 to 12 sec.
  • Fixed volcano graphics which appeared slightly cropped. 
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes to cause the game to pause while the client is disconnected. This should result in fewer unexplained deaths. 
  • Updated all unit descriptions for accuracy. 
  • Time till next game begins reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Toggle Ally/All chat hotkey is now TAB instead of CTRL.
  • Corrected warning text for when you are under attacked by a stealth unit.
  • Home screen units no longer sit idle and seek out units to attack. 


no connections problems in any other game, yet it seems stba randomly decides I do. tested multiple times internets at full speed. Using Chrome. when someone joins a game in progress I notice it happen more, sometimes typing something will get me back into game ping on server was 68 with 36 people on.