v1.012 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • Battleship now has a boost ability.
  • Shockwave on Ion Cannon and Roller does significantly more damage.
  • Silencer, Javelin and Roller now have the teleport ability.
  • The Bomber and Harpy now have the land ability. 
  • Increased Merk health by 200 HP.
  • CC health increased by 50%.
  • Teleport ability cooldown is now 45 seconds. 


  • Fixed unit ability icons sometimes hiding beneath health bars.
  • Changed how game state for connecting players is received, reducing lag for players already in a game.
  • Fixed the home screen not getting passed the "connecting" message. 
  • Fixed units sometimes not firing (caused by the cusor hovering over alerts). 


I want an endless mode.
and level up system like diep.io.

Just saying thanks for a great game, Ive been playing it for a few months now, it never gets boring. Great game play.

Thank you.

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