v1.048 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • Added 3 new units: the Spider Tank, Warhawk and Decimator.
  • It is no longer required to type in a name to enter a game (if you don't type in a name, you will have an auto-generated name).
  • Manta base damage increased by around 10%.
  • Javelin health increased by around 10%.
  • Bomber health increased by around 10%.
  • Peregrine missile damage increased around 13%; machine gun damage increased around 20%.


  • You can no longer see player name text through fog of war.
  • Improved Battleship firing.
  • Fixed black box showing on home page when adblocker was turned on.
  • Fixed space bar press showing black screen in firefox.
  • Fixed Gladiator disappearing when rocket feet ability used.
  • The enter key should no longer close the end game window.


this is cool


it wont let me play the game i can get in to the game it wont let me
spon in the game

I have 39 kills but I can't get the "20 kills" tanks why is this, please fix it
I'm on a Mac using safari


There is a lag between movement and location. As the ping may be sometimes high, things lag. But, a server with minimal lag will still put all players in the spot they were before on other people's screens, causing a death from someone across the map because their screen says that that person is still in one spot. This has made game-play extremely difficult and it is hard to keep a high level tank without dying. Please consider play-testing this bug as it will drastically affect game-play and improve stba.

yeah me to

You'd probably be able to advance this game from browser based game to steam game.

There's some glitch where people go completely invisible and unhittable. It's happening literally every game. People just get a lot of kills, you can't see or attack them back, and then they go to base and you can't do anything about it. It's making this game completely unplayable. Please fix for the love of God.

The glitch is pretty bad. Even the base will start loosing health with no ships nearby (at least that can be seen). Please fix!

on a side note they haven't patched since Nov 2017 so this is probably a dead game.

Hey Devs,
So I appreciate you fixing the invisibility/invincibility glitch. This game is actually enjoyable and playable again. There are a few others however that have recently come up. One seems to be happening occassionally. People are getting randomly one shot insta-killed. It's pretty irritating. Hope you can fix. There is also this glitch with the Destroyer where if you continually press fire, after a while the gun actually become physically seperated from the vehicle, ultimately affecting your aiming and shooting. The gun tends to reconnect with the vehicle after you stop firing for a period of time. Also, I believe you made some form of modification in the last few days to the harpy where the sentry ability is working for some people. It is not working for some people including myself. I'll let you know if I see any more glitches. Keep up the good work and much appreciated!

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Hey Devs,
So there's a trend appearing where players are coming up to an opponents in a silencer base before minions even spawn and then stealth and start doing significant damage to the base, in some cases even destroying it right as the first minions spawn. This is frankly absolute crap. I was wondering if you could put a restriction that would disable players from being able to damage their opponents base until after a specific time has passed, or maybe after all their reinforcements have been destroyed.

I see others along with myself that when texting in the chat at the end of a game and you continue into the following game that the tank or whatever craft you are using
will not move,,I found that if you click the enter twice then the tank will move as it should

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completely fail of developers to make a balanced tank.
the given 500DPS are a F*** you have easily kill a spider if you aim on right points
... make no "hitzone" only "tracerzone" so the 500DPM on area will be the only damage it does
(or 2nd shot mode without any splash)

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